Provides a LUMP SUM, TAX-FREE Benefit in the event you're diagnosed with, or in some cases, require surgery for any of the following:

Heart Attack Paralysis
Cancer Coma
Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Deafness
Stroke Loss of Speech
Multiple Sclerosis Alzheimer's
Renal (Kidney) Failure Severe Burns
Major Organ Transplant Parkinson's
Blindness Loss of Limbs
Occupational HIV Injury Motor Neuron Disease (Lou Gehrig's, ALS)
Aortic Surgery Benign Brain Tumour
Heart Valve Replacement Major Organ Transplant Waiting List

The Recovery Plan allows you to collect the full amount even if you make a full recovery. And the benefit doesn't depend on your ability to work!

Use the money any way you want.

For example:

Re-gain your peace of mind (Key Features & Benefits)

E & O.E


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